Edmodo Data Breach
Edmodo Data Breach
Posted on 05/19/2017
Attention Edmodo Users

Amity Regional School District treats the privacy of our students as a top priority. Regardless of the apparent extent or degree of a breach, we wish to ensure that you are notified promptly when we become aware of a potential security issue.

We are notifying you to make you aware that the educational resource Edmodo was recently hacked.  Edmodo is a classroom collaboration tool used by many educators throughout the world.  

The hack compromised student and teacher accounts by disclosing usernames, email addresses and encrypted passwords. 

Edmodo, in response to the breach, hired information security experts to investigate the incident.  Edmodo’s notification to the District states:

Our investigation has now confirmed that user names, email addresses, and hashed passwords were acquired by an unauthorized third party. The passwords were “hashed” (or encrypted) using the strong and robust bcrypt algorithm, and they were also “salted,” which adds an additional layer of security. 

We have no indication at this time that any user passwords have been compromised, but we strongly recommend that all users reset their passwords as soon as possible.

There are only a handful of teachers districtwide who have used or are using the service.  We have advised those teachers to immediately change their passwords. As a precaution, if your student has an Edmodo account, it is recommended that they change their password.

Should you have any questions regarding this breach or Amity's response, please feel free to contact Shaun DeRosa, Director of Technology, at 203.392.2010.

Thank you.

Dr. Charles Dumais, Superintendent