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Climate Change Workshop

Learn how to provide Inquiry-Based Activities in your Classroom.

The following activities will be shared:

Pass the Plate/Carbon Footprint - Educators will calculate their carbon footprint by inputting their daily habits in various categories to learn more about how their actions impact the Earth.  After they've calculated their carbon footprint, they will modify one category at a time to see how they could most easily reduce thier number.  A discussion about how people's everyday choices impact the environment and what we can do to help our Earth.

Timeline Clothesline - Learn how students can construct a timeline of the Earth's Geologic History to discuss how the Earth's Climate system has changed with and without human influence.

Traveling Foods: - Learn how students will compare food miles, the distance between farmers and consumers, of locally grown food vs imported foods and discuss the environmental impact of food selection and consumption.

Mauna Loa - Through CO2 data collected since 1958 on the Island of Mauna Loa, learn how students can share in scientific discoveries and draw their own conclusions about CO2 levels over time.

Karin Jakubowski, CREC, eesmarts Climate Change InstructorAHS - Room 108
CPR TrainingLearn CPR from John McFarland of American Medical Response and become fully CPR certified.Limited space available.John McFarland, AMRAHS Small Gym
CANCELEDDefined StemDefined STEM is an online program containing fully customizable performance tasks, literacy tasks, constructed responses, and real-world videos/articles for STEM subjects as well as ELA and social studies.  This standards-based program is perfect for differentiation.  
CANCELEDExploring the NGSS Science Classroom For Middle School Science Teacher: Join us as we explore the Jason Project and look at the implementation of the NGSS science standards and our current curriculum  
CANCELEDGoogle DriveWorkshop on Google Drive (including Docs, Sheets and Forms)


CLOSEDMastery Based Learning - Student Centered LearningLearn more about Mastery-Based Learning-Student Centered LEarning and Best Current Practices (including the differences between differentiation and student-centered learning).  Design a plan/series of plans.Leslie Abbatielo, ACESARHS - Presentation Room
Narrative 4 Going Beyond the Classroom

Open to all teachers
This workshop is meant to give teachers an opportunity to collaborate on a unit in concert with Narrative 4 and their mission of creating radical empathy. The unit would complement what you are already doing but take your curriculum beyond the classroom with the resources Narrative 4 has to offer, such as pairing your classroom with another school, Skyping with authors, etc. Possible topics might include violence, immigration, faith, identity, or the environment, but the possibilities are endless. Narrative 4 wants to help you to enhance your curriculum by encouraging more empathetic, globally-minded students.

Michele Ortiz and Jen BonaldoAHS - Room 152
One Book, One Amity 2017Open to all staff. This session, intended for any staff or faculty member wanting to help plan programming for One Book One Amity 2017. Participants will discuss and begin to develop cross-curricular activities for the fall of 2017 related to this summer's selected book and aligned to B of E goals as well as to our school-wide social/emotional, school climate focus for the upcoming year.Julie ChevanAHS Room 109
Photoshop Giving Back MemoriesCollegues are into a world of digital correction and repair. You will bring an old family photo that has been damaged by time, humidity and temperature. Turn it into a digital image and restore it to new. Class participants will discuss digital ethics in the world today, learning from one another as the students develop photoshop skills and capabilities from each other and create a feeling of accomplishment and memories. Lisa TotoAHS - Room 375
PowerSchool AssessmentPowerSchool Assessment is a new program designed to create assessments in Writing, Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  It is already synced to your classes in PowerSchool.  You can give computerized or bubble sheet tests and get dynamic, standard-specific results in minutes!Lisa LassenAHS - Room 125

PowerSchool Learning-     Beginner

This class is designed for teachers who want to start using PowerSchool Learning--PowerSchool's own learning management system.  All classes and students are already synced and ready to go!  Sit with our resident expert and learn how to create class pages, upload documents, and add dynamic content.Brenda BurtAHS Room 131
PowerSchool Learning-IntermediateIn this class, you will learn how to create assessments and assignments that students submit online.  You will also learn how to grade these assignments and sync the grades with your PowerTeacher Gradebook.  Time will be allotted for you to enhance and build your classroom page.  For this class, you should have already created at least one page and one content block.TBDAHS- Media Center
PowerTeacher ProHave you started using PowerTeacherPro and have some questions?  Did you hear about it and want to start using it now?  This workshop will give you all the tools you need to best utilize PTP!John LaliberteAHS - Room 501
CANCELEDShifting from Content Based to Inquiry Based InstructionTeachers in all disciplines, but particularly Social Studies and Humanities will benefit from information and tips as to how to easily modify existing content based instruction and assessments into inquiry based methods and assessments. Please bring any sample assignments that you would like to review and modify.   
Study IslandThere are so many new features (SBA type questions, differentiation, virtual labs, videos, and more) for Math, Social Studies, ELA, and Science. Create online lessons, assignments, and assessments based on standards and skills.Study Island Consultant via webAHS - Room 159
The Memory ProjectThis workshop will introduce Amity staff to The Memory Project, a charitable nonprofit organization that invites teachers and their students to create portraits for youth around the world who have faced substantial challenges, such as neglect, abuse, loss of parents, violence, and extreme poverty. Portrait creation is NOT LIMITED to "artistic" people! In this workshop, staff will learn how their students can create Memory Project portraits using collage techniques (aka: no drawing or painting necessary!). Staff enrolled in this workshop will learn about the history of The Memory Project, view photos and videos of children receiving portraits from Amity students, brainstorm/discuss/develop ways to incorporate The Memory Project into their lessons, and of course....make collage portraits that will be sent to Democratic Republic of the Congo this spring!  This workshop is intended for any Amity staff member who would like to help students gain empathy for less fortunate youth around the world, and who would like to incorporate a creative hands-on project into their lessons.
For more information about The Memory Project, visit
Elizabeth SmolinskiASH Room 374
Understanding Your Benefits Better - For Custodians, Administrative Assistants and Non-Union Employess ONLY

Required Training for all Custodians, Administrative Assistans and Non-Union employees ONLY

You may be new to a high deductible health plan and a health savings account or have had one for years and still have questions.  Come hear information on how this plan works for you now while you’re are working and how it can help you in retirement.  Don’t always understand the terminology we use when talking about your benefits? – you are not alone, we will explain some of the common terminology used in communications. 

Hear how to make the most of your health coverage, using tools provided by Anthem.  Learn more about how 403(b) and 457 plans work, the limits, and catch up options available.     

Terry Lumas, Scott Cleary, JoAnn GentileAHS Lecture Hall
CLOSEDIndependent Study - New RequestNEW REQUESTS ONLY! If you have already been approved, please below.  If you and/or your collegues have NOT submitted an independent study, you must complete this proposal form for approval, AND then complete this form to submit.Non-facilitatedYour choice
Biotechnology GFP LabINDEPENDENT STUDY - Submitted and approvedIndependent StudyAHS 271
High School Math DepartmentINDEPENDENT STUDY - Submitted and approvedIndependent Study 
High School CTE DepartmentINDEPENDENT STUDY - Submitted and approvedIndependent Study 
Middle School Art TeachersINDEPENDENT STUDY - Submitted and approvedIndependent Study 
AMSB Team BlackINDEPENDENT STUDY - Submitted and approvedIndependent StudyAMBS Room 30
World History and Modern American History TeachersINDEPENDENT STUDY - Submitted and approvedIndependent StudyAHS - Room 228
Critical Issues Course TeachersINDEPENDENT STUDY - Submitted and approvedIndependent StudyAHS - Room 117
 AP US Government and Politics TeachersINDEPENDENT STUDY - Submitted and approvedIndependent StudyAHS- Room 220
Reading Teachers - High School and Middle SchoolIEP Goal Writing for Reading Department with CREC ConsultantAlison Cianciolo AHS - Career Center
High School Spanish Honors and AP TeachersINDEPENDENT STUDY - Submitted and approvedIndependent StudyAHS216



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