The achievement of our mission will be realized when our students can demonstrate the following:


Successful completion of graduation requirements
Written and spoken language skills to summarize, interpret, and analyze information
Critical reading skills by evaluating ideas and formulating conclusions
Logical reasoning and creative thinking in their use of problem solving strategies
The skills necessary for productive use and application of available technology
The ability to complete independent and cooperative learning tasks
An awareness of the values, standards, and traditions of world cultures
A knowledge of practical life skills and career opportunities.


Awareness of the relationship between rights and responsibilities, and acceptance of responsibility for their own actions
Understanding of the importance of physical fitness, personal well-being, and participation in social activities
An ability to use constructive strategies for problem solving and conflict resolution
Recognition of social and civic obligations and the value of service to the community
Knowledge of personal strengths, weaknesses, talents, and interests to explore and identify personal goals and career option

In order for students to achieve these expectations, Amity will:
Provide an atmosphere of open communication and respect among all members of the school community
Provide opportunity for staff to review curriculum, explore innovative approaches, and plan new courses and programs
Encourage and facilitate interdisciplinary activities and team teaching
Provide staff development necessary for improvement of teaching, learning, and school operation
Acquire, implement, and integrate appropriate new technologies within the total school program
Incorporate varied activities and assessments that reflect curricular goals and the learning styles of students
Provide each student with a program which supports the student's individual needs and future plans
Provide an atmosphere which supports the Arts
Encourage participation in the wide variety of school activities and services
Recognize accomplishments of students and staff
Provide a safe and healthful educational environment