Career and Technical Education


The CTE Department is comprised of Business Education, Family & Consumer Sciences and Technology Education.



Business Education courses are designed to provide a basic background in general business education leading to: 1) an informed and thinking individual; 2) an understanding of business principles and procedures;and 3) an acquisition of specific skills for personal and business application. 


The philosophy of the Family & Consumer Science courses reflect Amity’s Common Core of Learning goal to prepare students for life by offering them opportunities to acquire skills and competencies in the areas of careers and family living. Course variety gives students the chance to experience growth and learning in many of the areas essential to becoming productive and contributing members of society. Family & Consumer Science courses provide students with opportunities to pursue academic excellence through a variety of learning experiences which address the needs of a diverse student population. Heterogeneous grouping allows for experiences which reflect a microcosm of society (mutual respect, sense of caring/cooperation, sense of community etc.). The various electives offered by Family & Consumer Sciences should interest students who will pursue post-secondary education, are job bound or wish to develop personal and leisure time interests.



Technology Education presents exciting technical courses with many hands-on activities in computer-aided design (CAD), computer programming, construction, engineering, graphics, manufacturing, and transportation.  Students gain real life experience and skills while actively learning how to use industry standard technology that shape the way we work and live.




Edna Anderson


Child Development, Culinary Skills 1 &2,

Interior Design

William Battaglia


Advanced Auto Technology, Auto Maintenance,

Know Your Car

Michael Cofrancesco


Accounting, Economics, It’s the Law

David DeFeo


Computer Graphics, Intro. to Graphics, Silkscreeing

Peter Fuller


Computer Apps., Intro. and Intermediate Computing, Web Design,

William Hans


Advanced Culinary 1&2, American Regional Cuisine, Culinary Skills 1 & 2

Grace Loman


Architectural Drafting, Engineering Drafting ,

Intro. to Technical Drafting, 3D CAD Modeling

Edward Rostowsky


Engineering Design 1&2, Intro. to Technical Drafting Manufacturing 1 & 2, Materials, Design & Function, Robotics

Susan Tupper



Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Personal Finance

Carl Teravainen

Advanced Carpentry, Construction 1 &2,

Exploring Production and Construction,

Exploring Transportation and Alternative Energy

Matthew Zawacki

Creative Kitchen, Culinary Skills 1 &2,

International Cuisine