A to Z World Culture

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You can use this database to research materials that may include: American History, 
Daily Life in History, World History: Ancient and Medieval Eras, World Geography, and World Religions.

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If you haven’t explored this site, you are in for a treat; it is very useful for all subjects.  
There are free short videos and interactive educational games.  Plus, it is FUN! 

  • use it for study and reading skills, grammar, writing, famous authors, math skills, science concepts, social studies subjects, etc.  

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Destiny Webpath Express

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EasyBib Link

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This is free from the state of Connecticut. There are magazine and journal articles, newspapers, photographs, health and science articles, etc. There is an easier kids’ version with a lower reading level.

New York Times Replica Edition

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Encyclopedia Britannica

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Discovery Education

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