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Does my child require a physical exam?

Yes, the State mandates a Physical is to be performed in Grade 7and 10.  The exam must be documented on the blue State of Connecticut form.  These blue forms may be picked up at your child’s elementary school, at Amity Middle School, or on the Amity website.   


What if I can’t get a physical done for my child until after the 8/15/17 deadline?

7th grade physicals may be submitted anytime during the 7th grade year, unless they wish to participate in sports.  However, proof of required immunizations MUST be on file in the health office by 8/15/17.  Students will not receive a schedule, unless immunization requirements are fulfilled.


What if my child wants to participate in a sport?

There are 3 sport seasons at Amity Middle School.  The physical on file must be valid for the entire season (from tryouts through the end of the sport) and are good for 1 year only.  If your child is interested in:


  • Fall sport Co-Ed cross country, soccer, and girls volleyball, the physical on file must be performed AFTER 11/13/16
  • Winter sport (basketball & cheerleading), the physical on file must be performed AFTER 2/22/17
  • Spring sport (baseball, softball, and track), the physical on file must be performed AFTER 5/17/17. 


The best time to get a physical is over the summer.  This will allow your child to participate in all 3 seasons if interested. If a physical was performed after September of the 6th grade year and all immunizations are current, then please submit to your child’s elementary school.


Who do I call if my child will be absent?

You must call the main phone number 203-392-3200.  If your child is expected to be out more than 1 day due to illness, you must ALSO contact the health office at 203-392-2096.  All contagious illnesses should be reported to the nurse (example: strep infection; mono, flu-like symptoms with fever, and conjunctivitis).


Can my child bring medication to school?

No medication can be transported to school by the student without prior consent from parent and Dr. this includes non-RX medications. An order must be on file in health office.


What if my child requires medication during school hours?

ALL medication requires a doctor’s order (AKA) School Medication Authorization form including non-RX medication.  Doctor’s orders may be picked up at Amity Middle School (even over the summer) or you can download the form off the Orange Middle school site. 

The order is good for 1 school year and no more than 45 days’ worth at a time.  All

Medication must be UNOPENED and in its ORIGINAL container.  Medication must be picked up by parent/guardian at the end of the school year, or it will be discarded.


If my child requires use of an inhaler, can he/she carry his/her own?

Yes, if your child is responsible and understands how and when to use it.  The doctor and parent may give permission as such at the bottom of the doctor’s order.  All doctor’s orders must be on file in the health office.  These students are required to have the inhaler with them on all field trips.


What about an Epipen?

If your doctor has prescribed an Epipen and/or Benadryl because of a food or bee allergy, it must be in the original container and brought in by a parent.  It is most helpful, if it is brought in a zip-lock bag for easy storage and for field trips. Please be sure to address whether the child may self-administer, if so they must carry on all field trips.


What medication may be given by the school nurse?

Any medication prescribed by your physician along with a doctor’s order.  The nurse may also administer Tylenol for minor aches and pains and fever.  Tylenol is a stock item; it is not necessary for you to provide. You must indicate permission to do so on Power School.


What, if any, screenings are performed at school?

Scoliosis screening for grade 7 girls and grade 8 boys are performed. Vision, hearing and posture should be assessed by the physician at the time of the 7th grade physical, as mandated by the State of Connecticut. 

Please contact me, the school nurse, Eydie Lefebvre, at 203-392-2096 with any concerns before the end of the school year.


Looking forward to meeting your children!